BrowserCMS Reference Documentation

BrowserCMS Reference Documentation

These guides are designed to provide details on how to work with BrowserCMS, and to assist in understanding how different parts of the CMS work together. As a Web Content Management system, there are two general pieces to understand; how to use the CMS interface to build websites and how to extend/deploy BrowserCMS websites.

These guides are for BrowserCMS v3.1.0.

1 Getting Started

1.1 Getting Started with BrowserCMS

Everything you need to know to install BrowserCMS and create your first website.

2 Using BrowserCMS

2.1 Interface Guide

Designed as an overview of the BrowserCMS interface for Cms editors and site builders.

3 Installation / Deployment

3.1 Installing a Module

How to add a module to your BrowserCMS project.

3.2 Deployment Guide

How to configure Apache and Passenger to work with BrowserCMS in production mode.

4 Developing on BrowserCMS

4.1 Content Blocks

This guide covers how to create, customize and use Content Blocks.

4.2 Portlets

This guide covers how to create and customize Portlets.

4.3 Building Templates

This guide covers how to create and organize page templates which govern the design/theme of a website.

4.4 Building Modules

This guide covers how to create new modules to be packaged and shared with other BrowserCMS developers. (In Progress)

4.5 Building on the Edge

For developers who want the very latest source code from Github and build the BrowserCMS gem themselves.